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Here you can learn more about V0LT, and read frequently asked questions.

What is V0LT?

V0LT is hard to describe. Simply put, its a place for all the games, software, music, images, and videos I produce. In essence, it's like my public 'persona' so to speak. It isn't really a company, but still seems to function like one, with users, products, services, and followers. I don't do any of it to earn money, though that is an added benefit. I do it more for the feeling of getting messages from people who enjoy using the things I produce. I try to keep everything I upload free, and nearly everything I make is both advertisement and microtransaction free. Occasionally, I will produce V0LT content that only has paid access, though I try to keep these to a minimum.

Where can I contact V0LT?

You can contact V0LT a few different ways.

  1. Email: 'vieirast@icloud.com'
  2. V0LT Messaging: Click "Services" at the top of the page, click "Messages", then enter "cvieira" as the recipient.
  3. Matrix Direct Messaging: @cvieira:matrix.org
  4. Matrix V0LT Chat Room: https://matrix.to/#/#v0lt:matrix.org

Whats the catch to all these free products and services?

If all goes well, hopefully none. Most products and services are free to download and use, don't contain ads, and don't have any trackers or data collection tools. I do most of what I do in hopes of helping someone out and promoting ethical software. If you enjoy any of these products or services, then a donation to V0LT is extremely appreciated. If you really want a catch, it's probably the lack of quality. I develop this programs on my own time, with no help, and with very little financial resources, so don't expect full quality projects that you'll get from other creators. I do my best to produce helpful, high quality content and services, but this isn't always possible.

I've seen the 'V0LT' name on other websites. What's up with that?

I often develop websites and online services for other open source projects. While I don't charge them anything for this, I will typically put a small 'Made by V0LT' message in the bottom corner. If you've seen a website with this message, it means that I don't own or control the website, but I was at least partially responsible for creating it. The open source projects are free to change the website to fit their needs, so I can't necessarily stand by what is put on them.

If you've seen another website that claims to be V0LT, chances are it's someone trying to impersonate V0LT. If you have the time, please report these using the V0LT contact information above. Use caution while using these sites, as they probably have nefarious intentions.

Do I need JavaScript enabled to use the V0LT website?

The V0LT website is designed to be completely functional without JS. If you don't know what JS/JavaScript is, this doesn't affect you that much. Certain web-apps and services require JS to run properly but the vast majority of pages should look identical regardless of whether or not JS is active. Services are labled with a red box if they require JS to function.

What is V0LT's stance on privacy?

I'm a huge advocate and supporter of digital privacy, so I do everything in my power to keep all V0LT services and products free of trackers of any kind. The only analytics I use for V0LT are basic day-by-day and page-by-page visit counters that make no attempt to track you as an individual. I also do everything possible to avoid using 3rd party services, especially those like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, who are notorious for bad user privacy. If you want to learn more about the V0LT analytics system, visit Analytics. You can also learn more about V0LT's privacy in general at the privacy policy.

Do you have any physical content you produce?

I occasionally make physical products for V0LT, but only ever distribute them to people who I have physical access to, as I don't have the time nor the resources to ship anything. The physical products I do produce are usually very simple, like stickers of the V0LT emblem, or other small objects. You can see some of these products by clicking "Local" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

How come V0LT Music only really produces remixes and mashups?

To make songs for V0LT Music, I use Logic Pro, which is often considered the industry standard for professional grade music production, along with Abelton and FL Studio. However, I've found that none of the 'built-in' digital instruments for Logic fit as instruments I would use in a song. Purchasing 3rd party instruments is outrageously expensive, approaching 4 figure numbers for higher end packages. As a result, I typically only remix existing songs, or create original songs using loops.

Why are many of your programs only supported by MacOS?

Many V0LT programs are supported by MacOS, Windows, and Linux. However, these programs are produced in Unity, which usually feels pretty sloppy and rushed, despite weeks of work. The other large portion of V0LT software is Mac compatible. These programs take advantage of Xcode, Swift, and all of the advanced technologies offered by MacOS. As a result, for applications for which it's appropriate, I try to use Xcode and Swift as much as I can to give the user a more premium and refined experience. While the functionality of Unity and Xcode apps is often the same, the presentation and usage of Xcode apps is typically more 'polished' so to speak.

Why is the V0LT website/server often slow?

I run V0LT on an extremely limited budget. I basically just use whatever I have laying around to run it. As a result, I use an old 2007 MacBook to run the V0LT server/website. This machine has been rebuilt and optimized as much as possible to accomplish this task, but, again, I'm still heavily restricted financially, so it still struggles with heavy loads. If more than a few people browse V0LT at the same time, which is very common, the server can get heavily bogged down until it has time to cool off. I've done my best to compensate for this software side however, by making the pages as small as possible, and by ensuring proper cacheing methods are used to speed up the experience later.

Miscellaneous Questions

Here are some questions that I get asked often, but are unrelated to V0LT. These questions are mostly just general technology questions, but some fall into other categories.

What OS do you recommend?

A few years ago, this answer would have been MacOS without hesitation. However, Apple has been going consistently downhill from then, so I now recommend Linux. Linux is somewhat similar to MacOS, in that it's based off of Unix. This makes it easy to use for developers, who are already familiar with Unix.

What smart phone do you recommend?

This is a tricky one. As with the desktop OS question, A year ago I would have recommended iOS without hesitation. However, there isn't really a good choice now in my opinion. You have to decide whether your prefer a phone that protects your privacy and is supported longer, and get an iPhone, or prefer a phone that can be customized to be very functional and cost effective, and get an Android phone. Either side has quite a big downfall, so I can't really suggest that you get either side.

What specific Linux distro do you recommend?

This one is more up to what you want to do than a single best choice. For those in the cyber security field, I'd recommend Kali. For development and more technical users, I'd recommend Pop!_OS. For every day use or inexperienced users, I'd recommend ElementaryOS. For lightweight use, I'd recommend Debian or Lubuntu. If you're looking for something with a wide support network, I'd recommend Ubuntu.

What direct messaging software do you recommend?

For general use, Signal is great for nearly all uses. Its very similar to iMessage, but works on far more platforms. Signal has fantastic privacy, but if you're looking for ultimate privacy and security, I recommend Ricochet, which uses Tor to send encrypted messages. However, Signal is more than secure enough for most things.

What browser do you recommend?

Brave Browser is a fantastic browser, especially if you're used to using Google Chrome. Brave has built in privacy protections, while still be extremely similar in function to Google Chrome, making it very easy to adjust to. If you'd like to support V0LT while downloading Brave, visit the V0LT referral link. If you'd just like to download Brave, and don't want to use the V0LT link, simply visit brave.com. If you don't want to use Brave, I also recommend Safari and Firefox. Both Safari and Firefox are simple and easy to use, with Firefox being slightly more powerful feature wise than Safari. I recommend avoiding Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome if you are concerned at all about privacy. However, if you don't mind having your data shared/sold, and are ok with Google knowing all of your browsing information, Chrome is very widely used and has a very large feature set.