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V0LT makes use of PGP to sign and encrypt messages. Here you can download V0LT's PGP keys.

If you've never heard of PGP, or don't understand how to use it, check out the FSF's short guide and explanation here!

PGP is an easy way to dramatically improve security and privacy, by being able to encrypt and sign messages. When a message is signed, it makes it possible for anyone with the signer's public key to verify that the message hasn't been tampered with. In other words, it makes it so you can tell that the message you're reading was actually written by the person you think it was.

To be able to verify signed messages with PGP, you need the message's writer's PGP key. This page is where you can download V0LT's PGP keys. Nearly all of the V0LT website is unsigned, but certain security critical messages may have a PGP signature.

If you'd like to send an encrypted message to V0LT, you will need these keys as well.


Conner Vieira - cvieira@v0lttech.com

This is my V0LT public key. This is the key used to sign messages on the V0LT website. If you want to send encrypted email to the V0LT support email, this is the key to use.


Personal PGP Key

Conner Vieira - connervieira@tutanota.com

This is my person public key. This is the key for people who communicate with me personally, outside of V0LT. Under normal circumstances, this key should not be used.