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Learn about V0LT's branding, how you can use it, and find resources to do so!

Despite the fact that V0LT isn't meant to make a profit, branding is still a focal point of V0LT software, images, videos, and other products. As you probably already know, V0LT is a part of the relatively small, but rapidly growing community of free and open source software (FOSS) projects. Branding is one of the main aspects that FOSS projects neglect. While it's great to focus on adding functionality, its undeniable that asthetics are a massive factor that people consider when looking for software, tutorials, videos, and images. That's why V0LT tries to break from the mold with it's modern and minimalist design language.

Of course, you're already very familiar with the idea of branding. However, what you may not be used to is V0LT's implementation of it. Unlike a typical company, who restricts what you can do with their branding materials, V0LT's guidelines are very relaxed, and all resources are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Branding Usage

As stated above, all V0LT branding materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. However, that does not mean they can be used without restriction. Of course, you are free to view, download, save, and distribute materials under the CC-BY-SA license freely, but using V0LT branding materials to impersonate V0LT is prohibited and not permitted. For example, you are free to use the V0LT logo in a summary of V0LT, or as a sticker on your laptop, but not to imply that a program written by you is written or endorsed by V0LT when it isn't. If you have any questions about permitted usage of V0LT branding, don't hesitate to contact connervieira@tutanota.com. I'd be more than happy to help you out. While not at all required, I encourage you to confirm whether or not your usage of V0LT branding materials falls under the license criteria.

The CC-BY-SA license has some of the following terms. This is a concise summary, but you should still read the license before using V0LT branding materials.

  • You are free to save, run, download, distribute, modify, or otherwise use V0LT branding materials.
  • While you may distribute modified V0LT branding materials, it must be clearly indicated that modifications have been made, and what they are.
  • While distributing unmodified V0LT branding materials is permitted, they must not be used to impersonate V0LT, V0LT products, or imply that a product has been endorsed by V0LT. This means that credit to V0LT must be provided if used in a public context.

Usage Examples

Permitted Usage Not Permitted Usage
Using the V0LT logo on an informative article about V0LT. Using the V0LT logo to decieve users into thinking a program is developed by V0LT when it's not (Even if you don't explicitly claim to be V0LT)
Creating, using, or selling stickers of the V0LT logo to put on a laptop or other device. Using the V0LT logo as your own logo on your website
Using the V0LT logo in a list of projects that powered a particular video, piece of software, etc. (This example shows projects that have powered V0LT) Using the V0LT logo as your own logo on your website

Graphics and Resources

V0LT Logo Icon

V0LT lightning bolt logo

V0LT Logo Text Black

V0LT text logo in thin black font

V0LT Logo Text White

V0LT text logo in thin white font

V0LT Text Zero Logo Black

V0LT text logo in black font with stylized 0

V0LT Text Zero Logo White

V0LT text logo in white font with stylized 0

V0LT Text Zero Logo Gradient

V0LT text logo in black to white gradient font with stylized 0

V0LT Zero Logo Black

Stand-alone stylized 0 logo in black font

V0LT Zero Logo White

Stand-alone stylized 0 logo in white font

Design Language

V0LT has a very distinct and recognizable design language. If you're contributing to a V0LT project, following these design guidelines is highly encouraged.

  • Lato (specifically, the light weight variants) is the font used by V0LT. In the event that this font isn't available for some reason, other lightweight minimalistic fonts are used.
  • If two words are used together in a title and subtitle, the longer word uses a heavier font weight and smaller font size. For the Lato font, the shorter word should use Lato Hairline, and the longer word should use Lato Bold. The words should be stacked vertically and be roughly the same width, which is accomplished through changing the font size.
  • Font weight and size styling example
  • Almost all colors should be grayscale. However, the color #33bbff is used for elements that 'pop out' asthetically. For example, the V0LT Music audio visualizer uses this color.
  • Dark gray to light gray gradients are used very frequently, especially on V0LT webpages. However, black to gray gradients are also used, but are reserved for exclusive or premium V0LT content that should stand out from the rest of V0LT. The V0LT Platinum page is an example of this "black to gray" gradient.
  • In videos, documents, or pictures where the text 'V0LT' is shown alone on a line, in the case of a document, or scene in the case of a video, the text is aligned to the right. If a logo is also present, it is placed to the left of the text. See this video for an example as to how the V0LT text is aligned in a video.