If you run a closed source program, then its not the software thats the product. You are.

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The only thing computers are good at is following instructions. Without instructions, a computer is just a collection of wires and connections. Developers write instructions for computers by programming software. By writing out instructions in a format computers can understand, a developer has the ability to make an otherwise useless device do amazing things. However, chances are that all of the programs you run on your computer are proprietary. This means that the developer hides the instructions they give your computer.

When you complete a task on your computer, it may feel like you are responsible for giving your computer instructions. In reality, the software your computer runs is simply checking the inputs you give it, and giving instructions on your behalf. If the developers of your software ban you from inspecting the code the powers your computer, should you trust that their instructions really are doing what you want, and not something that only benefits them?

Would you buy a car that required you to ask someone for permission every time you tried to brake, accelerate, or steer?

In the English language, 'free' has two meanings: Free in terms of cost, free as in freedom. Most of the software you use is probably free in terms of cost, and can be downloaded and used at no charge. However, nearly all of these programs are probably not free in terms of freedom. The code that gives instructions to your computer is kept hidden from you, and you are prevented from trying to modify, study, distribute, or even control it. This is where V0LT, and thousands of other software developers come in.

V0LT software is free as in cost as well as free as in freedom

V0LT software is licensed under a free (as in freedom) license. This means that when you use a V0LT program, you are guaranteed the freedom to run, study, modify, and share it. This also means that V0LT software is open source, and the code that powers it can be read by anyone with a copy of the program. When you use a V0LT program, you are not a product. Your rights as a computer user are a priority, and every feature is designed to place you first.

All of the software contained on V0LT Platinum can be downloaded for free from the V0LT website. When you buy V0LT Platinum, you are supporting V0LT, and funding the development of more software that respects its users' rights. While you are absolutely allowed, and even encouraged to use the free software on the V0LT website if you're a normal user, V0LT Platinum is for those who want to go one step above and help ensure that free software continues to be produced and shared with the world.


V0LT Platinum is created with collectable significance in mind. There will only ever be 6 original copies of V0LT Platinum Version 1. The first copy, copy 0, will be kept at V0LT. The other 5 will be given to contributors. Making copies of V0LT Platinum is fully permitted, but there will only ever be 6 official copies of V0LT Platinum, until Version 2 is released, which will contain the software from Version 1 in addition to new software. At this point, Version 1 will retain its rarity, as each disc is still 1 out of 6 others for its version.


While digital copies of V0LT software are much more convenient, efficient, and easily accessible, having physical copies of V0LT software holds figuritive significance. Even if you own a copy of V0LT Platinum, you should still probably use the digital copies of the software from the V0LT website, but possessing physical copies has heavy similarities to the start of the free software movement in the late 1980s, where free software was distributed exactly as V0LT Platinum is: On a physical medium with the source code included.


If you buy V0LT Platinum for practical reasons, chances are its because you want to use V0LT software without having to download it over the internet. V0LT Platinum has no reliance on the internet, and can be used completely offline. Everything you need to run the software, including the source code, manual, and license, are included right on the CD.


V0LT Platinum follows an organized and easily understandable file structure. The top level contains an About document, as well as a copy of the GPLv3 license and a Software folder. The Software folder contains more folders, each of the name of a program. Each program folder contains more folders, each with a certain version of the software. Each version folder contains the source code, builds for any supported operating systems, as well as the manual if the program has one.


Each program on V0LT Platinum contains well formatted source code, which allows for modifications to be made by anyone with a basic understanding of the programming language used.

Supported Platforms

V0LT Platinum contains both software for MacOS and Linux. If you use either of these operating systems, you'll find multiple programs compatible with your operating system. If you run Windows, you should still be able to access the files on the V0LT Platinum disc, but you won't be able to run any of the software.


Because all the content and software on V0LT Platinum is licensed under the GPLv3 license, you're permitted to give copies of anything you want to friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else. You can even sell copies of the software for profit, as long as they include the source code and are licensed under the GPLv3 license!


Of course, all software on V0LT Platinum follows V0LT's strict guidelines for privacy. There is absolutely no analytics, tracking, or data mining, and all the code is fully auditable.


When you buy V0LT Platinum, you are contributing to keep V0LT alive and producing free software. Without the financial contributions of donors, V0LT wouldn't make any money, and wouldn't be sustainable.

V0LT Platinum Version 1 Catalog

Below is a catalog of all the software present on V0LT Platinum Version 1.


V0LT Platinum is prohibitively expensive to manufacture. For the time being, V0LT Platinum will remain a concept until a more cost effective printing system can be created.

V0LT Platinum will likely be offered as a paid download before it's released on physical disks as a way to allow those interested to purchase it without V0LT incurring the losses necessary to produce physical disks.