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The V0LT website and its content is intended to be as accessible as possible to people with visual and hearing impariments.

Accessibility is a big focus when it comes to V0LT content, especially on the V0LT website. I do everything I can to make sure all webpages I make are accessible to people with visual impairments, or people who suffer from hearing problems. I try to ensure every image on the website has descriptive alt-text, and that webpages are still cleanly laid out when opened in a plain-text reader. Anywhere on the site where color is used to distinguish categories, I try to use colors that are easily distinguishable for people with colorblindness, as well as make use of shapes and screen reader labels to distinguish categories with no colors at all.

As much as I try to make the V0LT website accessible, I'm bound to miss things. For that reason I encourage you to contact me using the information here in the event that you find something difficult to use or understand.

If you're a developer looking to make your website more accessible, I've listed the tools I use to make my website and content more accessible below. I highly encourage you check them out and consider making your content easier to access for those with visual and audio impairments.