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A simple application for managing virtual money.

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VirtualBank is a simple program designed to manage 'digital money'. It's designed in such a way that it can be used for multiple purposes. The primary intended purpose is to manage money for board games, instead of having to work with physical paper money. However, VirtualBank can also be used for other purposes, like managing allowances.

The application has 4 total users, one of which acts as an 'admin' and can have money granted and removed at will. The other three users operate as standard users, with the ability to send and receive money.

Quick Transfers

Money in VirtualBank accounts can be transferred directly between each-other with one click.

Dark Mode

VirtualBank is compatible with MacOS Mojave's dark mode, so it'll always fit in with the rest of your operating system.


VirtualBank is completely free to both download and use, and there are not advertisements or microtransactions to get in the way.

Save And Load Support

VirtualBank supports save and load functions, so you can close it and come back to a set up later.



VirtualBank 1.0