A simple tool that graphs your daily steps using information from HealthBox.

Source Code

HealthBox is a great way to store large amount of health information, like steps. However, hundreds of numbers about your steps don't mean much in isolation. It only becomes useful when you can visually distinguish trends and spot changes in your general activity. This is where Trek comes in! Trek is a free and open source tool for graphing your daily steps from a given starting date to an end date. Whether you want to graph your steps over the past week, or over the past 10 years, Trek is quick and easy to use.


Trek is a command line program, making it easy to quickly enter the start and end dates of the span of time you'd like to graph.


Trek uses a simply terminal user interface that doesn't require you have an extensive knowledge of the command line. Using the instructions above, even inexperienced command line users should be able to work out how to use Trek.

Completely Open Source

Just like HealthBox itself, Trek is completely open source from top to bottom, ensuring your privacy and security

Well Documented

The source code of Trek is clearly laid out and well documented, making it easy to modify for other uses.

Cross Platform

Trek uses cross platform Python modules that can be installed on several different operating systems, allowing you to generate charts on any device you choose.

Works With HealthBox

Trek works with HealthBox, the easy way to keep all of your health information in one secure, easy to access location!


Since this program is written in Python, all of the downloads below are identical. They are only seperated by platform for sake of clarity, and to demonstrate which platforms are compatible.