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SGen Libre

A customizable password generator that runs locally on your device.

Source Code
Main SGen Libre interface screenshot


SGen Libre generation output sample screenshot


SGen Libre's Analysis Menu screenshot


SGen Libre is a software toolkit used to generate, manipulate, and analyze random strings of information. SGen Libre is supposed to be used to generate passwords, but can also be used to generate information of any length. Analysis tools built in also allow for the user to analyze existing strings of information. Implemented analysis tools include a list of the unique characters in a string, a system to count how many times a particular character appears, and a system to count how many total characters are in a string.

Full Character Support

SGen Libre allows you to customize which character types you'd like to have in your generated passwords! You can choose any combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters, so the generated passwords fit exactly what you need.


SGen Libre runs entirely locally on your device, which means it can take advantage of all the available processing power you have.

No Limits

SGen Libre is not restricted in neither length, nor amount of passwords that can be generated at once.


SGen Libre has no reliance on the internet at all, so it'll work anywhere you go!


SGen Libre completely free to use! There are no restrictions, and you have full access to all available features at no charge! The source code is also open and licensed under the GPLv3 license.

No Ads

SGen Libre contains no ads, microtransactions, data tracking, or anything else to get in your way!


Since this program is written in Python, all of the downloads below are identical. They are only seperated by platform for sake of clarity, and to demonstrate which platforms are compatible.


SGen Libre 1.0 Source Code

SGen Libre 1.0 Manual

LinuxSGen Libre 1.0


SGen Libre 0.0.6 Source Code

LinuxSGen Libre 0.0.6


SGen Libre 0.0.5 Source Code

LinuxSGen Libre 0.0.5


SGen Libre 0.0.4 Source Code

LinuxSGen Libre 0.0.4


LinuxSGen Libre 0.0.3