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A simple character counting program that works as fast as you do

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Typically, if you wanted to quickly count all the characters in a text sample, you'd have to open a word processing program like Pages, Word, or OpenOffice, create a new document, and paste in your content. QuickCount is different. It's fast and easy to use. Just open the light weight program, and paste in your text. QuickCount will give you an instant real time response. Since it's a single purpose application, you don't have to worry about unnecessary slow downs, and waiting for it to open. On a typical Mac, it opens with almost no perceivable delay. The field to paste in your text is automatically selected, so you can immediately paste and get a result. It's reasonable to be able to complete the entire process of getting a word count in under a second if you're familiar with keyboard shortcuts. Best of all, QuickCount is ad free, micro transaction free, and completely free to download. As with all other V0LT programs, it's also completely tracker free, so you'll never have to worry about your privacy being compromised. QuickCount can also work entirely offline, so it'll work anywhere you need it, even if you don't have an active internet connection.


QuickCount can work entirely offline. In fact, it has no functionality that requires an internet connection, so it'll work wherever you need it.

Dark Mode

QuickCount works with both Dark and Light mode in MacOS Mojave, so it will fit right into your workflow.

Truly Free

QuickCount is entirely free. There are no ads, microtransactions, or even data tracking to worry about.


As you would imagine, QuickCount is extremely fast at what it does. It's not unreasonable to copy a bit of text, open QuickCount, and get its length in under one second, so long as you know keyboard shortcuts.


QuickCount has no unnecessary features to slow down loading times, and clutter your view. It only has the bare essentials, which means you can work as quickly as possible.



QuickCount 1.0