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QuadForm Pro

A calculator for MacOS designed for solve quadratic formula problems in a clean and organized way!

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QuadForm Pro is the graphical version of QuadForm, and command line program included with SimpleUtil. QuadForm Pro offers a clean interface to quickly solve equations using the quadratic formula. Simple input the A, B, and C values, and get an instant result. From there, you can decide whether or not to copy parts of, or the entire result if you want. QuadForm Pro supports MacOS Mojave's Dark Mode, so it will look great in both light, and dark mode.

Easy To Use

The entire application is purpose built, so there aren't any complex controls to get in the way.

Quick Result Exporting

Once you finish a calculation, you can quickly get your result to wherever it needs to be with just the click of a button.

Dark Mode Supported

QuadForm Pro supports MacOS Mojave's Dark Mode, so it will mesh beautifully with the rest of your MacOS applications.


The application is compact both visually, and digitally. Its only 12MB, and its UI size ensures it won't get in the way of other applications.

Fully Rescalable

All elements on the QuadForm Pro interface can change their size and position in realtime, allowing you to change the window size on the fly, if you feel its to hard to see, or it gets in the way of other applications.



QuadForm Pro 1.3