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A simple Blender render server written for PHP.

Main Mix upload interface


Blender is a fantastic FOSS program mainly used for 3D modeling. Its lightweight enough to be run on underpowered hardware while simultaneously having an extremely powerful feature set. However, when rendering 3D models, less powerful computers will almost certainly be lacking. In short, you can work on Blender projects on underpowered devices just fine, but rendering and saving them will probably not be a great experience.

This is where Mix comes in. Mix allows you to configure your desktop, laptop, or other Linux machine to have the ability to render remote projects. This allows you to create your project on a lightweight mobile device, then send it off to a more powerful computer over the internet so it can be rendered.

Open Source

Mix and all of it's dependencies are completely open source, allowing you to study and audit the code yourself.

Self Hosted

Mix is 100% self hosted, meaning you don't even need an internet connection to host it. As long as your client can connect to your Mix server, you'll be able to render models.


Mix is as barebones as possible, and has extremely little styling or other unnecessary elements.


Mix is free both in terms of freedom and cost. You're free to use, study, audit, and modify it however you want, and it won't cost you anything to do so.

Non-JavaScript Dependent

Mix doesn't require, or even have, JavaScript of any kind.


Mix is extremely lightweight, leaving your render server with the most possible resources to dedicate to actually completing renders.

Limited Dependencies

Mix's only dependencies are Apache, PHP, and Blender itself. This makes it easy to get Mix up and running on any modern Linux distribution.



Mix 1.0 Source Code