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Marble Mash

A simple game based off of 'bonk.io'



Welcome to Marble Mash! Please note that Marble Mash is heavily based of 'bonk.io' so if you enjoy the idea, I highly recommend checking out the original game. With that out of the way, Marble Mash is a simple game where you and your opponent have to try to knock each other off the play area by smashing into each other. You can either choose to play against another person, or you can choose to play against your computer.


Marble Mash is completely free to play, and there aren't any advertisements or micro-transactions!

Local Multiplayer

You don't need an internet connection to play Marble Mash. All multiplayer gameplay is done right on your device.

Simple Controls

Each player only has 4 controls. Either WASD or the arrow keys. This makes it very simple for players of any age or skill level to play.


Marble Mash is very colorful and happy, making it good for little kids

Play Against Syna

Syna is V0LT's very own AI. She was initially developed to be a chat bot, but now you can play against her in Marble Mash!

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