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Made By V0LT

You're probably here because you clicked the "Made by V0LT" link on another website. Here you can learn what that means.

V0LT is a online project with a very heavy focus on digital ethics and privacy. Free (as in freedom) software is at the core of V0LT, and all V0LT content is open source and ensures the freedoms of it's users.

One of the ways V0LT helps to promote strong ethics in the digital world is by helping ethical projects to develop websites, software, and other content, at no charge. Even if a project doesn't explicitly place ethics as a priority, as long as they respect the freedoms of users, V0LT will often build websites and projects so they don't have to depend on restrictive companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.

When I create a website for another company, organization, or project, I follow the same strict ethical guidelines that I do on the V0LT website. However, you should keep the following things in mind:

  1. Just because a website has the 'Made By V0LT' phrase does not necessarily mean that V0LT worked directly with that website. It's entirely possible that the website is simply using a V0LT service they downloaded from V0LT or someone else who has a copy of it.
  2. Website owners can make changes to their site themselves. This means that even though all websites made by V0LT initially had no trackers or non-free scripts, its possible that website owners added them retroactively.
  3. Content posted to websites made by V0LT doesn't necessarily represent the views of V0LT. Since website owners have full control over their websites after they've been created, V0LT has no say in the content they produce.