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iPhysics Space

A simple gravity visualization program

Thousands of small white particles orbit sun in outer space, with brightly colored planets orbiting farther out.


Galaxy with white particles orbiting towards the bottom of the image. Orbit curve suggests the focal point is behind user


Bright virtual sun being orbited by 4 colorful planets shown from outer space


Distant view of virtual sun from outer space shows thousands of very small particle swarming sun


iPhysics Space is a program with the main purpose of visualizing gravity. You are placed in the center of a simple solar system, in which you can launch particles to see how they interact with the gravitational fields of the planets and star. The program is easy to learn, and a help menu can be easily accessed from anywhere in the program without pausing or interrupting the simulation. The speed of the simulation can be slowed down at will in order to see the physics in more detail.

Easy To Use

With under 10 controls, it isn't difficult at all to get started!

High Quality Soundscape

Made in Logic Pro X, the surround-sound soundscape makes the program much more immersive.


Just incase you want to make a simulation slower, there is a dynamic time-scale function that can be changed to any value.

Dynamic Manual

The built in manual can be opened over the current simulation without ever skipping a beat.

Mobile Camera

The camera can be easily moved throughout the simulation environment with ergonomically placed controls.

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