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iPhysics Sandbox

A diversely configurable physics sandbox that can be used at a professional level, or just for plain fun!

Virtual environment with endless grey floor contains large pile of black, gray, pink, and red boxes


Virtual environment has scattered red, black, and pink boxes. White particles fill the air with blue particles on the ground


Title screen of iPhysics Sandbox has large Begin button with hundreds of pink boxes flying through the air in the background


4 seperate towers of red gray pink and white boxes are consecutively knocked over by small yellow ball


Thousands of orange and white particles fill the air


Hundreds of white particles fill the air demonstrating ability to simulate gas dispersion


Welcome to iPhysics Sandbox, a simplistic physics sandbox (go figure). Depending on your personal setting configuration, its possible to get iPhysics engine to calculate every little attribute of every little object. Some notable features are that all objects have gravity (accurately proportionate to their mass), water coherent to itself, and objects have accurately simulated friction based on their textures. These are not the only features however. Hundreds of hours have been put into this program to ensure it has enough features to suit the user's needs.

Diversely Configurable

Wether you just want to mess around, or you want to accurately simulate complicated physics equations, iPhysics Sandbox can be tuned to do it!

Save/Load Function

After creating a simulation, you can save and load it as many times as you want. You can even share the individual save files if you like!


Incase a simulation you are running happens very quickly, you can change the program's timescale. If something is very fast, simply slow the timescale!

Mobile Camera

The camera can be easily moved throughout the simulation environment with ergonomically placed controls. There are also customizable speed modifiers you can use to change the camera's speed in real time! You can even customize the controls if you want!

Built In Manual

If you have a problem, there's no need to go online. The entire manual is built right into iPhysics Sandbox!

Small File Size

Due to it's simplistic nature, the program's file size is fairly small! Depending on your configuration, the app is typically under 65 MB!

Customizable Materials

iPhysics Sandbox allows you to edit an object's properties in order to adjust the simulation to run however you like!

Water Cohesion

In iPhysics Sandbox, particles will cohere to each other. This replicates the way water interacts with itself in real life. View a demo here.

Proportionate Gravity

Every single material in iPhysics Sandbox has accurately simulated gravity. Even though you might not be able to see the effects of the gravity on objects with relatively low mass, with dense materials like "Neutronium" the effects are clear! See a gravity demo here.

Air Pressure

Gaseous and similar materials (such as oxygen or fire) use an air pressure algorithm in order to replicate real life physics. Each particle has this algorithm built in, which ensures an accurate simulation. View an oxygen dispersion demo here.

Lightweight Physics Calculations

While more advanced simulations required powerful hardware, the standard physics algorithm is very well refined and is very efficient. iPhysics Sandbox has no problems with simulating the physics of thousands of objects at once on average hardware. If the simulation is to graphics intensive to run normally, you can always use the time-scaling tool to get better results! To view a physics demo, please click here. This simulation was run on a 2017 MacBook Pro (2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Memory, Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB GPU). The playback was slowed down to demonstrate the smooth frame rate that iPhysics Sandbox can display simulations at.

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