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An open source platform to centralize and manage health information!

Source Code

HealthBox is a convenient way to manage health information. Instead of each app having to record inforamtion within it's own ecosystem, HealthBox creates a place for developers to centralize health information. Say you have a program that records your steps, one that monitors work outs, and a third program to track your nutrient intake. Typically, if you wanted to access your information, you'd have to use each respective service's interface. With HealthBox, those developers would be able to store all the information in one place, making it much easier for you to compare different health metrics, and share information between services.

As with other V0LT software, HealthBox places a heavy emphasis on on privacy. HealthBox places you in full control of your information. Instead of having to trust a third party, as a HealthBox user, you can review every line of code that goes into making the platform function. This means that you can be absolutely certain that no sneaky code is hidden, stealing your personal data. HealthBox also gives you full control over what software can access what. While the database is only as secure as you make it, apps that follow the rules will have to request permission before modifying or reading your health data.

Modular Design

HealthBox is very open and modular, which encourages developers to build software for it that fits their needs. You aren't forced to take any specific approach to managing your health information. If you don't like any of the existing methods, you can even create one completely from scratch yourself!

Privacy Respecting

With HealthBox, you don't have to worry about your information being recorded, tracked, and collected. You remain in full control of your health data, and you can fully review the code to ensure nothing questionable is happening behind the scenes!


The programming interface to interact with HealthBox is very simple and straight forward, allowing even inexperienced programmers to develop for the platform.


Instead of having to use several, or even dozens of external programs, HealthBox gives the potential for developers to store health information in one central place. This improves convenience for both users and developers.


Each portion of HealthBox is split into a seperate file, making it easy to both review and modify the code.


Since this program is written in Python, all of the downloads below are identical. They are only seperated by platform for sake of clarity, and to demonstrate which platforms are compatible.


WindowsHealthBox 1.3

HealthBox 1.3 Source Code

MacOSHealthBox 1.3

LinuxHealthBox 1.3

AndroidHealthBox 1.3


MacOSHealthBox 1.2

LinuxHealthBox 1.2


MacOSHealthBox 0.1

LinuxHealthBox 0.1