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A quick and easy mood tracker

Source Code
Screenshot of main interface in dark mode


Screenshot of main interface in light mode with configuration menu open


Feather is currently suffering from a dependency issue, and the AppImage download below isn't fully functional. If you'd still like to use Feather, you'll either have to run the source code manually, or launch the AppImage from the command line, then manually open the link that appears in the console after pressing "Submit" in the UI.

Mental health is a very important, yet often overlooked aspect of health. Mood patterns can be affected by any number of things, but sometimes it's hard to narrow down what specifically effects your emotions the most. This is where Feather comes in. Feather is a simple, quick, easy to use mood tracker. Just open it up, press how you are feeling, then press submit, and Feather automatically submits your current mood to HealthBox. This makes it easy to cross reference your mood with other health metrics, including fitness and nutritional data. Over time, you'll developer a more in-depth view of your mood patterns, and what they correlate with.

Mental health is a very private topic, which is why Feather places privacy at the very core of everything it does. Feather is completely open source from top to bottom, as is HealthBox, the program Feather uses to store information about your health. The source code is well commented and documented, making it easy for anyone to review it, and verify that their privacy is being respected.


Just as you'd expect from a program with the name 'Feather', it's extremely lightweight and is completely capable of running on outdated hardware without draining your battery. It launches in a split seconds, and the interface is highly responsive.


After the initial configuration, Feather is built in such a way that you can go from opening the app to logging a mood in a matter of a few seconds! This means you'll be able to log your mood whenever you have a few seconds free, allowing you to make frequent records of your emotions.

Native UI

Feather is built using each of it's platforms native UI libraries, meaning it will mesh perfectly with your other applications!

Completely Open Source

Feather is competely open source from the ground up, making it easy for anyone to modify it, study it, or review its privacy practices.

Works With HealthBox

Feather is designed to work with HealthBox, the easy way to store all of your health information in a centralized place. This makes it easy to cross reference your mood with other health metrics, like physical activity and nutrition.



Feather v0.9 Source Code

LinuxFeather v0.9