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A drag and drop authentication system for PHP.

Source Code
Main DropAuth login page


DropAuth is designed to be the quickest possible way to add an authentication service to your website on web app. DropAuth uses basic PHP functions to create a database file, manage accounts, and integrate a simple authentication system into any webpage with just one line of code.

Open Source

DropAuth is completely open source and freely auditable. It's also GPLv3 licensed, meaning you're free to make modifications and share them with others.


DropAuth never stores password in plain text, ensuring that even if the authentication database is compromised that user logins are still secure.

Privacy Respecting

DropAuth doesn't depend on JavaScript, advertisements, tracking, or other features that could potentially violate the privacy of users. All of the pages are static, and there are no analytics systems built in.

Self Hosted

DropAuth doesn't require any external services to function. It's entirely self hosted on the server that you want to use it on, which ensures fast loading times, better security, and improved privacy.



DropAuth 1.0 Source Code