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Cruze 6

A proof of concept project for an open world driving game.

Virtual yellow Chevrolet Camaro climbs grassy hill towards the sun shining through the trees


Pop up dialog prompts player to purchase parts from store, with computer parts in the background


Image displays high quality virtual trees from below


Parked virtual red Audi R8 sits next to white building with forest in the distance


Virtual red Audi R8 drives down hill on a wide dirt surrounded by trees


Sun rays shine through single virtual tree


Sun rays shine through forest of virtual trees


Close up of virtual Blue Aston Martin DB8 parked beside the road shown from the front left corner. Trees can be seen behind.


Virtual orange Porsche 718 parked beside the road show from the passenger side. Trees can be seen in the background.


Dozens of empty vehicles scattered across empty flat field intersected by a road.


Virtual town environment with vehicles driving on roads shown from the ground through trees


Welcome to Cruze 6, an open world driving game. Become a criminal, get a job, or just roam around; The choice is yours! The primary force behind the game is the driving experience. There are currently 5 different models in the game, but more are planned for the near future. Each vehicle in the game comes in all the colors of its real life counterpart. This helps the experience feel just that much more authentic. Custom built steering mechanics also help control the car with more precision at higher speeds, even with just keyboard controls. Due to the large nature of the map, there isn't too much to do in game, but since the game is still early in development, you can expect more and more features to be added over time. However, the creative mode allows you to build your own environments if you get bored with the pre-made one.

HD Textures

All textures in game are very high resolution, and make the game look great!

Multiple Cars

In the game you can buy or steal many different cars, each with different abilities.

Immersive Environment

There are multiple aspects of the environment in-game that ensure the player feels immersed in it. Trees blow, peeling tires smoke, the sun has shimmering rays, and much much more!

Huge Terrain To Explore

The map has many different aspects to enjoy, including a city, valley, field, mountain, and more!

Customizable Graphics

Each graphic setting can be changed manually to ensure you get the best balance between looks and performance.

Accurate Colors

Each vehicle uses the same colors as its real life counterpart. All colors were taken from the manufacturer's website.

Creative Game-mode

If you get bored with normal gameplay, enable creative game-mode in order to be able to place different environmental objects, along with entire vehicles!


Everything you do in Cruze has consequences, which can be good or bad. For example, you can steal electronics from the store to build a computer, but it'll raise your criminal level, and make police more likely to target you.

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