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A quick, offline, visually appealing circle calculator to instantly determine the circumference, radius, or area of a circle.

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Circulous is a single purpose program used to quickly calculate different values of circles. Instead of wasting time and energy remembering and solving simple equations, focus on your more complex work, and let Circulous do the simple stuff for you. Circulous can determine the circumference, area, and radius of a circle given just one of any of them.

Easy To Use

The entire application is purpose built, so there aren't any complex controls to get in the way.

Quick Results

Once you finish a calculation, you can quickly get your result with just the click of a button or by pressing the enter key.

Dark Mode Supported

Circulous supports MacOS Mojave and above's Dark Mode, so it will mesh beautifully with the rest of your MacOS applications.


The application is compact both visually, and digitally, so it won't get in the way of other applications and can be taken anywhere on local storage!

Descriptive Errors

If something goes wrong, Circulous will let you know exactly what you have to do to remedy the problem and get back to calculations.

Fully Rescalable

All elements on the interface can change their size and position in real-time, allowing you to change the window size on the fly, so it'll fit right in with your other programs.