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A self hosted, privacy respecting BitcoinCash store written in PHP




If you want to sell digital content online, there's plenty of options out there. However, if you want to sell digital content online without violating your users' privacy in the process, you'll have a much harder time finding a suitable program. That's why I created Bubble.

When I wanted to allow donors to V0LT to receive perks, I found that it was extremely difficult to sell products online without relying on Stripe, PayPal, Square, or other proprietary platforms. Using cryptocurrency was a very promising option, but I still couldn't find any platforms or programs that would allow me to sell digital content without violating the privacy of my users. Bubble is designed to be the freedom respecting, open source alternative to these proprietary platforms. When you use Bubble, both as a user and as a store owner, you can feel confident knowing that your personal information isn't being collected or sent across the internet.

Open Source

Bubble and all of it's dependencies are completely open source, allowing you to study and audit the code yourself.

Self Hosted

Bubble doesn't require you use any third party services. Everything you need to automatically accept payments is hosted on your own server!


Bubble is designed to be as privacy respecting as possible for users.


Bubble is designed in a clean and modern aesthetic.

Mobile Friendly

Bubble is designed to be visually appealing on both large desktop screens, and small mobile devices.

JavaScript Free

Bubble doesn't require JavaScript and is fully functional without it.

Well Documented

All of the source code for Bubble is well documented and easy to understand.


Bubble doesn't contain bulky raster images or other elements that could slow down web-page loading. Bubble loads quickly and efficiently without compromising on aesthetics.


Bubble is designed with convenience and easy of use in mind. Settings and configuration values are kept in centralized files where they can be cleanly laid out.

Highly Configurable

Bubble's configuration file, `config.php` allows plenty of customization without ever modifying the source code of other pages.


Out of the box, Bubble is easily accessible to those with visual impairments, and is fully accessibility compliant.


With Bubble, you'll spend less time explaining to users how to make cryptocurrency payments, and more time working on your projects! Bubble describes in easy to understand terms how to purchase products, and your users are worked through the entire process step by step.


Configuring payment processors and store applications can be stressful, knowing that one missed step can lead to catastrophic failure down the road. While you should still do everything you can to configure everything properly, Bubble is designed to fail safely. In other words, if something is misconfigured, Bubble was alert your user of the problem, prompt them to contact you, and halt the transaction before any damage can be done.



Bubble 1.1 Source Code


Bubble 1.0 Source Code


Bubble is completely free to download and use, and there is absolutely no obligation to pay for it. However, if you'd like to support Bubble and myself, please consider leaving a small tip in BitcoinCash!