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A simple app for releasing stress through breathing exercises

Source Code
Screenshot of Breathe start button


Screenshot of breathing instructions dialog


Screenshot of guided breathing animation


Taking deep breaths is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce stress and clear your mind. However, sometimes it gets overlooked when it can help the most. Thats where Breathe comes in. Breathe is an extremely simple, barebones app to help you clear your mind. When you open Breathe, you're presented with just a button to start a breathing excercise. From there, you'll be walked through a short and simple breathing excerise to help clear your mind.


Breathe is made with GTK, which means it will adopt the modern design of your desktop environment, or any themes you have installed.


When you're stressed, the last thing you want to deal with is a complicated interface. Thats why Breathe is designed to quickly and simply start breathing exercises.

Well Documented

The source code for Breathe is well documented and contains plenty of comments to help those looking to make modifications to it.


Breathing exercises are an easy way to quickly clear your mind. Using Breathe every morning, afternoon, or evening can help reduce stress significantly, and improve concentration and productivity.

Works With HealthBox

Breathe works seamlessly with HealthBox, allowing you to record the time you spend focusing on your breathing automatically!


Breathe is completely open source and licensed under the GPLv3 license, meaning its considered free (as in freedom) software.



Breathe 2.0 Source Code

LinuxBreathe 2.0


Breathe 0.9 Source Code

LinuxBreathe 0.9