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An open source platformer with creative game mechanics and a lovable protagonist!

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Screenshot of a Bloom level


Screenshot of a Bloom level


Screenshot of Bloom's main menu


Oliver the Robot had lived in a world of metal his entire life. But then, one day, a bird flew overhead and dropped a brightly colored flowered right next to Oliver. He had never seen something so pretty! His metallic heart was set on finding more, and bringing color into his formerly grey life

Bloom's main mechanic is something you've probably never seen in a platformer. Instead of avoiding dying and respawning, respawning is actually critical to pass many of the levels! When Oliver the Robot touches heat his body will break, and he'll need to get a new one. However, his old robot body will stay where it was broken, allowing you to use it as a platform! This can be used to scale tall walls, make previously impossible jumps, or to block certain paths!

Lovable Character

The protagonist of the game is a robot named Oliver. A lot of attention was put into developing the story, levels, and mechanics around Oliver to make him a lovable character!

Creative Game Mechanics

In most platformers, the goal is to avoid dying as much as possible. Bloom, on the other hand, uses respawns as a mechanic to complete levels! When you respawn, Oliver's old robot body stays in place, allowing you to use it to complete the level.

Easy To Learn

The game mechanics of Bloom are quick and easy to learn. Everything you need to know is introduced by a tutorial level in under 60 seconds!

Completely Original

All the assets used by Bloom are completely original, and made specifically for the project.

Cross Platform

Bloom runs on both Mac and Linux, allowing for more players to give it a try!

Open And DRM Free

Bloom is completely open source, and has absolutely no DRM. You can freely share it with anyone you want, as long as you follow the extremely non-restrictive license!

Unique Story

The storyline of Bloom is simple enough to not overwhelm the game itself, while still being creative enough to be intriguing.


Bloom doesn't require high end hardware to run well. Even inexpensive computers should be able to run the game at a full 60 frames per second without issue.



Bloom 0.0.4 Manual

MacOSBloom 0.0.4

LinuxBloom 0.0.4


MacOSBloom 0.0.3

LinuxBloom 0.0.3


MacOSBloom 0.0.2

LinuxBloom 0.0.2


MacOSBloom 0.0.1