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Ball Run

A family friendly game in which you guide a marble around many fun levels!




Ball Run is a simple, family friendly platormer game. The objective is simple: navigate the ball through the course to the finish line. However, the levels are built in such a way that any age level can play it and have a challenge. A younger player shouldn't struggle with the levels, yet a more mature player can still take alternate, more difficult paths in order to get more points. With many levels (and more to come), anyone in the family can enjoy playing through the game.

Simple Nature

The game's simple controls and objectives make it easy for young and old players alike to figure out and enjoy.

High Compatibility

Ball Run is capable of running on a wide range of hardware, including MacOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

Immersive Levels

Most platformer games only have one path that can complete a level. Ball Run however has dozens of solutions to each obstacle, making it exciting for players of all ages and all skill levels.

No Microtransactions

After initially purchasing the game, there are no other microtransactions that can be made. You get the entire game, advertisement free, for just the initial payment.

High Quality Soundtrack

The game soundtrack, including it's sound effects and music, is very immersive and high quality. Every menu page has its own unique ambience, along with the levels, which each have one of an assortment of background songs.


Since Ball Run is aimed being family friendly, all the levels are happy and colorful, making them appealing to all ages, including younger kids!