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A command line web crawler that identifies website functionality and accessibility issues.

Web crawler initiation interface


Arachnid's main menu


Arachnid's error viewer menu


Arachnid's 404 error viewer


Web developers, especially those who work solo, have a very difficult job. They are responsible for keeping track of every aspect of a website, including it's content, design, accessibility, and functionality. Given that web developers are human, and humans make mistakes, it's more than reasonable to expect that some website issues will go unnoticed.

Arachnid is designed help web developers check their work. Arachnid scans entire websites to find broken links, misconfigured permissions, and other issues that a human may miss.


On a fast internet connection, Arachnid has no problem processing dozens of web pages per second on a typical desktop PC.


Unlike nearly all other website diagnostic tools, Archnid is 100% free, both in terms of cost, and freedom.

Self Hosted

Arachnid isn't a third party service. When you run an Arachnid scan, all of the processing is being done directly between your server and Arachnid instance. You don't have to worry about your site being indexed without your consent, or your personally information being collected.


Since Arachnid is written using generic networking libraries, it isn't dependent on any particular configuration. It has no problems being run locally on webservers completely isolated from the internet, or hundreds of miles away on a distant computer.


Arachnid is capable of detecting accessibility issues that normal users might not see. Pages containing images without alt text or improperly configured language data can be logged and addressed.

Command Line Interface

Arachnid is completely command line based, meaning you can run it directly on the webserver you want to test.

Well Commented

The Arachnid source code is well commented, making it easy to modify it to fit your own needs.


Since this program is written in Python, all of the downloads below are identical. They are only seperated by platform for sake of clarity, and to demonstrate which platforms are compatible.


WindowsArachnid 0.1

Arachnid 0.1 Source Code

MacOSArachnid 0.1

LinuxArachnid 0.1