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A short, but mind blowing game that explores the simulation hypothesis.











The year is 3027. You're an artificial intelligence developer who's consciousness has been transferred to the first ever robot, human hybrid drone. This drone has been sent to Planet X017-5713. Scientists back on Earth detected an energy pulse much more powerful than anything we've ever detected, or can even comprehend. The power outputted by every supernova ever recorded still isn't even comparable to the energy output recorded on Planet X017. Your goal is to explore the planet, locate the cause of this energy pulse, then transmit this information back to Earth.

Upon further investigation you begin to discover that the energy pulse, X017, and even the entire universe may not be as it seems. The energy pulse is so powerful that it seems to be causing glitches. The only problem is that these glitches aren't occurring in the drone. They're occurring in reality itself.

Immersive Storyline

While the game isn't particularly long, the storyline is still extremely immersive, and allows you to put yourself in the protagonist's shoes.

Great Post-Procesing Effects

Real-time post processing effects make the environment seem much more realistic.

Amazing Soundscape

The ambience improves upon the game's immersion even more, with high quality sound effects made in Logic Pro.

Massive Play Area

While only a very small portion of the play area is used in game, there's actually 50 square kilometers (or 31 square miles) of terrain. Not only does this offer plenty of space to explore, it also ensures that the player never encounters, or can even see the edge of the map during normal gameplay.

Cross Platform

Alone is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, which means that chances are your platform of choice is supported!