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Web Development

Get your own custom made, responsive, visually appealing website with a full user account system built in!

I've been working with HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP for a very long time, and I feel fairly familiar with all of them. I've created everything you see here on this website. If you'd like to see my web development style, look no further than this site itself! Something that I think sets me apart is my knowledge of PHP. Instead of relying on third parties, I build all services and back-ends for V0LT myself. This includes the account system I've made, the privacy-respecting analytics system, the user preferences system, the instant messaging system, and much more! Again, if you'd like to learn more about these, don't hestitate to explore the site!

For $25, I'll build you an expandable site similar to this one. I'll implement an account system that can be added on to later by either another developer, or myself. This system allows you and your users to sign up for and use their own personal accounts. You as the website owner can given certain users access to certain pages, or allow users to customize their experience with a settings system. Below is a list of what I'll include in a website for $25.

Secure Account System

I'll implement a secure account system that uses a PHP database to securely store user information. I leave usernames in plain text, but passwords are hashed so your users' information won't be leaked in the event of a data breach.

Dark Mode and Light Mode

I'll develop both a light and dark mode for your website. You can choose which theme you'd like to show your users, or even implement a system to allow users to choose their preferred theme for themselves.

Commented Code

I'll fully comment all the code I write so any developer, including yourself, can make changes to the site without confusion. This should make it easier to add your own features that piggy-back off of the account system.

Responsive Design

I'll make sure your website will adapt to any screensize, so your site will always look good, reagardless of whether your users are viewing it on a desktop or mobile device. This webpage itself is an example! If you're on a desktop, try resizing the window to see how the elements move around and adapt in real-time.

Clean Style

Whenever I design a site, I try to make sure everything looks clean and modern. I use simplistic fonts, smooth gradients, and only place images in places where it makes sense. I do my best to implement slideshow systems where possible so the user isn't overwhelmed by images, but can still easily view them all. You can see an example of this sytem on the Cruze 6 page

No Third Party Services

On my personal website, I almost never implement third party services by default. This ensures the user's privacy is respected, and that third parties can't use tracking software. This also ensures that aspects of the website won't be hindered if a 3rd party service goes down. I'll make sure the same is true for any website I build for another person. However, if you'd prefer to have a third party service installed, I'd be happy to do so.

No External Plugins

When I create a website, I don't use any plugins. This makes sure that the website will run on any server, regardless of what plugins are installed. I build my own systems in PHP and JavaScript to replace any plugins that would normally be used. This should make website installation much simpler, quicker, and easier.


While I personally can't develop an e-commerce system, websites I build will work with services like Paddle and Itch. If you want me to implement one of these third party services, just let me know!

Simple Account Management

The account system is deliberately simple and easy to understand. It only takes one line of code to check if a user is signed in, and only one more to get their username. This makes it easy for even inexperienced web developers to work with the account system.

If you're interested in getting a custom website, or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at vieirast@icloud.com.