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Tips and Tricks

Casual Tricks

  1. You can personalize your experience on V0LT by logging into your V0LT account, and clicking "Account" in the navigation bar on the homepage.
  2. If you're browsing V0LT on mobile data, or a metered connection, you can enable Low Data Mode in your account settings to have V0LT use lower resolution images when available in order to conserve data.
  3. You can learn how V0LT handle's your privacy and information in concise and easy to understand terms on the Privacy page.

Advanced Tricks

  1. The V0LT website is fully functional without JavaScript. If you take privacy very seriously, feel free to disable it on V0LT.
  2. To quickly and conveniently get your IP in plain text from the command line, run curl https://v0lttech.com/ipraw.php; echo;. The 'echo' command isn't necessary, but adds a line break after your IP.