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Most digital assistants today have one major problem: their reliance on the internet. For any request, even simple ones, like opening applications, require an internet connection. Not only does this use cellular data, or require you to connect to WiFi, but it gives you significantly less privacy. Syna, on the other hand, will only send network requests when explicitly asked to. For example, if you were to ask Syna to download a program, only then would she connect to the internet.

This isn't the only notable feature Syna possesses though. Unlike other virtual assistants, Syna is capable of carrying out conversations. In order to accomplish this, Syna has a complex memory system integrated that can identify possible references to previous questions with a fairly high accuracy.

Since Syna works on a text based system, a large amount of effort was put into developing an algorithm that will allow her to parse inputs even with capitalization and punctuation mistakes. This means that Syna can detect periods, question marks, dashes, capitalization, and other details in order to make sense of the input given, even if it has mistakes.

Works Everywhere

Syna does not rely on an internet connection, meaning the majority of Syna's functions can occur entirely offline.


Syna takes advantage of the core MacOS features, meaning it works in both MacOS Mojave's light mode, and dark mode.

Intelligent Input Parsing

Unlike previous versions of Syna, she can now accurately identify incorrect punctuation and capitalization in order to provide a more sensible response.

Easy To Use

Syna is extremely easy to use, by nature. However, even if you encounter an error, Syna can walk you through how to deal with it.


Since Syna runs on the command line, she can run much faster than virtual assistants that rely on complex graphics and user interfaces.


Syna isn't just good at one specific category. She can do everything from computer maintenance and installing software, to talking about favorite foods and colors.

Heavy MacOS Integration

Syna is only compatible with MacOS, which means all of her functions and features are fine tuned for the latest version of MacOS. Not only can she can locate and open applications, but she can change your Mac brightness, volume, and more!

High Versatility

Syna has so many different possible purposes.


  1. Open Notes.
  2. Open Xcode.
  3. Open Brave.


  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. What's your favorite food?
  3. What songs do you like?
  4. Open the pod bay doors.


  1. Download Brave.
  2. Download Chrome.
  3. Mute my volume.
  4. What's V0LT's email?


  1. How far is the moon from Earth?
  2. Who is the US President?
  3. What's TOR?
  4. What is iPhysics?
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