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A simple driving game made in under 60 minutes!



I was on vacation, and got bored sitting alone in the hotel, so I came up with a simple challenge: Make a game about traveling in under 60 minutes. I pulled out a timer, and got to work. It ended up taking 57 minutes from start to finish, and I didn't want to start another feature since I only had 3 minutes left, and I didn't want to end the challenge with an unfinished game.

Now back to the game itself. Your goal is very simple: to drive down the road, and avoid the randomly appearing cones on the street. The cones are generated procedurally, which means you can theoretically play the game forever, arcade style.


Speedway is completely free to play, and there aren't any advertisements or micro-transactions!


Almost immediately after turning on the game, its very clear what the goal of the game is: to avoid the cones.

Simple Controls

The player only has 2 controls: left and right. The entire game is controlled in this way.

Arcade Style

The game is built in an arcade style, meaning you can play forever, until you lose, in which case the game restarts.

Made In '60 Minute' Challenge

I challenged myself to build a driving game in under 60 minutes, which I ended up doing! While there isn't much to the game, I consider it to be fairly successful for the constraints given.

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