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A simple command line utility package for MacOS!







Welcome to SimpleUtil! MacOS has a severely under used program called "Terminal". It allows you to execute commands from a 'command line' to directly control your computer. Terminal is a bit confusing to use if you don't know what you're doing, but that didn't stop me from building a package of applications that can be used from the command line in order to take advantage of its power! Below are the included utilities with short descriptions of each. Some of them are for general use, while some of them are to help with a specific app or program.


FFMPEG is a great command line program that can be used to convert videos, change their audio format, and even 'interpolate' frames to make the FPS look higher than it actually is! However, FFMPEG is extremely hard to use, which is why I made FFMPEGen! All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire and FFMPEGen will spit out a command that FFMPEG can use to accomplish whatever you wanted to do. Keep in mind that FFMPEGen will only generate the commands. You'll need FFMPEG installed to be able to run them.


NumberStats is a very quick and easy way to get basic information on a certain number. Simply run NumberStats, enter a number, then receive information including: whether or not the number is prime, the number's square root, the number squared, and the binary form of the number


PowerUser might be the most powerful program in the entire SimpleUtil bundle! MacOS has a bunch of hidden features and settings that you can change that can only be accessed and changed from the command line. Some of these settings include, but are not limited to: adding empty "divider" spaces to the Dock, changing the Dock's "show/hide" animation speed, make the app icon for "hidden apps" transparent in the Dock, changing the "App Store update check frequency", and manually running the built in MacOS "maintenance scripts". PowerUser provides a simple, easy to use interface for all of these settings, plus many more!


QuadForm is a simple app that runs quadratics through "the quadratic formula" in order to get it's factored form. All you need to do is enter in the values for the variables "A", "B", and "C", and QuadForm will give you the X intercepts, and the discriminant.


SecureGen is an extremely quick and easy program that generates thousands of secure passwords in seconds. You can set the password length, number of passwords to generate, and even another password to check for during generation incase you want to see how random SecureGen is!

Easy To Use

All SimpleUtil programs are relatively easy to use!


SimpleUtil, and all of the programs in contains are free!


SimpleUtil programs are designed to be opened, run, and closed quickly, in order to give users a seamless and fast experience.

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