SGen Pro

An extremely powerful password generator with a plethora of customizable options and features.






SGen was originally developed to be a simple password generator, designed to make secure passwords as easy as possible to obtain. However, users often require more customizabilty in their passwords. The original SGen allowed for enabling and disabling special characters, but that was it. SGen Pro on the other hand allows for complete customizabilty of every aspect in the generation process. Want your passwords to be more secure? Bump up the length. Need a more passwords to distribute to your users? Bump up the amount. Need your passwords to be more memorable? Disable special characters and numbers. Everything in SGen Pro works exactly how you want it.

Full Character Support

SGen Pro allows you to customize exactly what character types you'd like to have in your generated passwords! You can choose any combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters, so the generated passwords fit exactly what you need.

Full SSL

On of the problems of generating passwords online is the risk the risk of them being intercepted by hackers. To counteract this, SGen Pro, just like the standard SGen, takes advantage of full SSL encryption, which means an attacker won't be able to read any data sent and received from SGen Pro.


SGen Pro runs entirely on the V0LT server, with the only limit being up to 1000 passwords per generation. However, if you require more passwords, simply refresh the page to get a new set. This limit just ensures the server has enough time to load the previous results before starting a new set.

Encryption Keys

Each password SGen Pro generates can be configured up to 1024 characters long, which means the resulting strings can be used as keys for practically any modern encryption algorithm.


SGen Pro is completely free for unlimited use. As long as you use SGen Pro responsibly, you'll be free to use it forever.