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Sand Architect

Spend a day at the beach building sand castles!

Cartoon beach has sand castle with scattered shells all show from a birds eye view


Cartoon beach is overlaid by a menu prompting user to build one of various structures involving sand castles


User is prompted to purchase various materials associated with building sand castles with in-game money


Cartoon beach has complex network of sand structures


Welcome to Sand Architect! Sand Architect is the first game where I had an idea, and accomplished it using programming. After spending a day at the beach, I had the idea for a simple sand castle building game. 48 hours later, I finished Sand Architect! The goal of the game is to build up your sand civilization while making sure the waves don't destroy your castle.


The mechanics of the game are very simple and easy to learn.


The game is free, and doesn't contain any advertisements or micro-transactions.


The game is challenging, but not stressful. You can play the game at any pace you want!

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