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Moment, created by V0LT

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A simple, privacy respecting sobriety timer.

Moment is a clean, modern sobriety timer built with simplicity and privacy in mind. None of the information you enter into Moment is sold or shared with advertisers or companies. In fact, if you have the technical skill, you can review the source code that makes it tick yourself, and even run it on your own website to ensure complete privacy!

To use Moment, simply sign into your V0LT account, or sign up for one if you don't already have one. The only information necessary is a username and password, further ensuring your privacy. After signing in, return to this page by entering https://v0lttech.com/moment/ (this page) into your browser's URL bar. You may wish to copy the URL to your clipboard, or save this page to your bookmarks, since Moment is not listed on the public V0LT services page. Upon signing in, this page will allow you to set your sobriety date, and view how long you have been clean for!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or find an issue with anything, don't hesitate to get in contact at cvieira@v0lttech.com!

A screenshot of the main Moment interface