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Minicraft Season 2

Here you can learn about the V0LT-hosted private survival Minecraft server, Minicraft!

Minicraft is a friendly survival Minecraft server aimed around playing the vanilla game with as few modifications as possible. It's highly based off of the Hermitcraft server, though it's on a much much smaller scale. It's both configured and hosted by V0LT, though it's not accessible to the public. Only a few selected trusted players are allowed on the server.

Unlike most other Minecraft servers, Minicraft is nearly entirely vanilla. The only change made to the gameplay was to remove player name tags. This was to ensure the game was as close to single player vanilla survival as possible. All other changes are in the background, and effort was made to ensure they don't effect the way the game works, even to technical mechanics, like mob spawning and path finding behavior.

Instead of being publicly accessible, Minicraft is closed down to a small number of trusted players. This ensure that large scale intricate builds can be constructed without fear of them being destroyed. The server rules also back up this point. While player PVP is allowed, it' only permitted when all parties involved agree to a friendly battle.

Minicraft Creations