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Song Cover

I'll create you a custom song or album cover for your music. Just tell me what your song is focused on, and I'll come up with 3 designs I think you'll like.

I often make remixes and mashups of songs. However, I also make my own song covers for all of my songs. I use Pixelmator Pro, which I believe is the most powerful photo editing program currently available. I like to think that I've gotten fairly good having spent dozens of hours working in Pixelmator. You can see some of the things I've made on the V0LT Wallpapers Page.

I often use pictures in my song covers that I've taken with my phone. However, if you have some personal photos you'd like me to use, feel free to submit them, and I'll use them as much as possible. However, I don't use any copyrighted images, or images taken by other people who haven't given permission for them to be used.

If you're interested in getting your own custom made song or album cover, send me an email at vieirast@icloud.com