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Bootable Flashdrive

Learn how you can get your very own bootable flashdrive that can run an OS of your choice on any computer!

Bootable flashdrives are exactly what they sound like. They're flashdrives that contain operating systems that can be booted from nearly any computer. Its like having your entire computer stored on a flashdrive! All of your files, settings, applications, and data is kept on the flashdrive, and none of the data on the host computer is affected!

It's important to note that you shouldn't expect a bootable flashdrive to feel as fast and responsive as your normal computer, unless you're using an extremely high bandwidth flashdrive on a high bandwidth port. Unlike a normal hard drive, bootable flashdrives rely on slow USB ports, which leads to disk-heavy tasks feeling very slow. However, animations and CPU intensive tasks shouldn't feel any different than usual, as long as the don't rely on reading or writing large amounts of data.

As long as you have your own flashdrive, I'll flash it for $1 with any Linux distrobution you want. If anything goes wrong, or you need me to reflash it, I'll do so again for free. I'd also be happy to help you set up your Linux distrobution if you need it. If you want to flash more than one flash drive (As long as its a reasonable amount), I'll do so at no extra cost.

If you're interested in getting your own bootable flashdrive, send me an email at vieirast@icloud.com