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iPhysics Neutron

A simple AI demonstration

Dozens of black dots navigate from blue sphere around straight yellow wall to red sphere


19 black dots navigate from blue sphere around complex network of yellow walls to red sphere


Large crowd of fhousands of black dots navigate in a straight line


19 black dots navigate from blue sphere down path lined with yellow lines to red sphere


iPhysics Neutron is a basic artificial intelligence demonstration. It has the simple task of sorting blue and red spheres. At first, it randomly guesses which category you want the spheres to be dropped into. If it gets it wrong, then let it know by hitting the backspace key. Over time it will begin to learn what category you want the colored spheres to be dropped into. The name neutron comes from the part of your brain that interprets data: the neuron. The T is added to form the name Neutron since this is just a small demonstration of an AI (neutrons are an extremely small subatomic particle).

Clearly Setup

The clear and transparent setup makes it easy to see how the AI operates.

Easy To Use

The program has a very basic setup, and everything is clearly marked.

Always-Open Manual

Due to the program's simple nature, the manual is very small, and is always open and shown on the side of the screen.

True AI

This isn't just some "what AI is like" program. This is an actual AI. The Ai's goal is to sort blue and red balls into categories. The only way it gets information to do this is from you. If it does something wrong, just press the key to let it know, and it will be less likely to do that again.


Since the task is so simple, the AI learns fairly quickly what is wanted of it.

No Failsafe

Lets say you teach the AI to put both colored balls into the same category, and non in the other. There is no failsafe to stop this from happening! Everything that you see in the program is the AI's doing, not some pre-programmed instructions.

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