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iPhysics Cluster

An easy-to-use crowd behavior simulation program.





iPhysics Cluster is a crowd behavior simulation program. The controls are very simple, so you can get right to it. Simply draw out a course with as many or as few obstacles as you want. Then summon in a crowd and watch them navigate through the course!


Changes to the environment can be made in real-time, and the navigation-agents will act accordingly!

Easy To Use

The program is very simply designed. Just simply draw walls using the wall tool, then hit the crowd button to summon in a group of navigation agents.

Dynamic Manual

The program's manual can be opened and closed on the fly without affecting the simulation

Realistic Variation

Just like in real life, all of the navigation-agents have different abilities. Their top movement speed, weight, turning speed, size (smallest area they can fit through), acceleration rate, and cooperative abilities are all random.


In order to get the fastest possible simulation results, each navigation-agent will first generate an extremely rough path of where it wants to go. After that, it will start to slowly analyze the environment more and more to try to find a better path.

Instant Statistics

With a single key press, you can get the speed of every single navigation-agent at the same time. Their speeds will appear above their heads.

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