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A streamlined way of creating Hex and RGB color codes!

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Hexagon is a streamlined way to create RGB and Hex color codes. Instead of having to go online to locate a suitable tool, or even creating the codes from hand, Hexagon runs locally on your device, so you can access it from anywhere! Hexagon also takes advantage of the native MacOS color palette tools, so you'll most likely already be familiar with the interface. The native color palette also offers a plethora of different color selection options including a color wheel, color cloning, color sliders, web colors, a color spectrum, and more!

Dark/Light Mode Support

As with most other V0LT programs, Hexagon fully supports MacOS Mojave's Dark and Light themes!

RGB and HEX support

Hexagon supports both RGB and HEX color codes, so you'll always have your preferred format available.

Native Color Tools

Hexagon uses the default MacOS color palette tools, so you'll most likely already have experience with the Hexagon interface!


Unlike nearly every other color selection tool on the planet, Hexagon has zero relianxce on the internet, so you'll be able to use it from anywhere!

Quick Copy Buttons

Hexagon has the abilty to quickly copy either the RGB or HEX color code as soon as you've settled on a color you like! Just click one of the clearly labeled buttons at the bottom of the screen!

Wide Color Range

Hexagon doesn't just support whole numbered RGB. It's capable of displaying any decimal value you'd like! Even though your display may not be capable of accurately displaying such specific colors, you'll still be able to select them.

Rounding Mode

What about when you dont need high color options, and just need the standard whole number RGB options? Well Hexagon as you covered here as well! Just check the "Round" button in the top corner!


One simple feature that greatly increases practicality is the ability to resize the Hexagon window. Need a small widget over your existing application? Scale down Hexagon. Need a larger view of the color you're selecting? Just scale it back up!