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The web development studio designed for complete beginners!




Calling it a 'web development studio' is just barely accurate. Envelope is nothing like any web studio you've ever seen, or stumbled across. It's built with pure simplicity in mind. Just enter a website title, subtitle, and body section, and Envelope will build a website for you, and even automatically configure the webserver on your computer! Envelope can also walk you through setting up your website so that everyone can see it, regardless of where they are in the world. While envelope only scratches the surface of what's possible with web development, its one of the first programs to provide a foundation for complete beginners to start working from. The beautiful modern user interface makes it easy to navigate the app, and to learn about the different steps required to set up a website.


Envelope is completely free to download, and it doesn't have any trackers, ads, or microtransactions of any kind.


Envelope is likely the most simple web development studio on the planet. Even someone who struggles to create a normal document can create a website easily!


Envelope has support for the entire development process, from creating the site itself, to publishing it on a home-made webserver.

Great Support

Encounter a problem that Envelope can't help with? Contact vieirast@icloud.com for quick help with any issues!

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