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Learn about how you can become a V0LT Beta Tester and get access to software and services before they're publicly released.

As a single person developer, I often run into the issue of not having enough time to fully test many of the applications I develop. This leads to simple oversights ending up in official versions of services, programs, and other content. The V0LT Beta program gives me a way to help work around this issue! Instead of taking time away from developing more software, and new features for existing software, I can offload some of the time required to test apps onto V0LT users, while giving them an early access to future V0LT content, and even points for their V0LT account in return! If you're interested in offering your help, then read on!

What you'll need:

  1. A V0LT account
  2. Ownership of one or more of the following platforms
    • iOS®
    • iPadOS®
    • macOS®
    • watchOS®
    • tvOS®
  3. A personal Apple ID

What you'll be responsible for:

  1. Supplying V0LT with feedback on any suggestions or issues you find in the content you're testing.
    • If you consistently offer no feedback on Beta content, you'll be removed from the Beta testers list.
  2. Not disclosing information about Beta content as if its the public/final version