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Automic Creation

The next generation of creative block building games.

Blocky virtual environment has small crude house made of natural materials


Close up blocks of virtual stone, copper, and iron in a cave environment


Cave entrance in blocky virtual environment


Trees in blocky virtual environment


Block building games have gained huge amounts of popularity over the past couple of years. The ability to create anything you can imagine is great, but pretty much all of these aforementioned games lack one feature: The ability to automate things. While most games, including the popular game of Minecraft (by Mojang), have some sort of mechanic that works similarly to electricity, these still aren't very scriptable, and are only really to show off. They don't really have a purpose in the game itself. Automic Creator (Note the 'Auto' part in Automic), though it is still in early development, focuses more on the automation of tasks, then other game mechanics.

This game isn't just another rip off, trying to profit from another company's success. This is a completely reimagined version of the block building genre. Really the only thing purposefully taken from games like Minecraft is the block building concept. Mining is different, building is different, crafting is different... You get the idea.

As stated earlier, this game is still in early development, so there might not be too much that can be automated. Currently, I am focusing on the core functionality of the game, since I don't want to take any shortcuts and just jump in. I want the game to feel fully completed, giving the player actual incentive to automate tasks.

HD Textures

Most block building games have low resolution textures. While this does appeal, design wise, in some situations, higher resolution textures make Automic Creation look very high quality and well built.

Efficient Loading

Every block in the game is updated once per second to ensure there aren't any flaws during gameplay. However, this causes severe lag, so a system was integrated into the game to offset each block update from all of the others to ensure the device doesn't have to process to many calculations at once.


NPCs (non-player characters), mainly animals, are scattered around the generated worlds, giving Automic Creation a lively feel.

Randomized Terrain

A good amount of time and effort has been put into ensuring the player gets a new and unique experience every time they create a new world. Many aspects of the terrain, including caves, trees, valleys, and mountains, add an extra bit of adventure and exploration to the game.

625 Block Play Area

In order to keep the game running smooth on a variety of platforms, the player area is 625 blocks on the surface. This might not seem like a lot, but the point of Automic Creation is not exploration (though that is a part of it). The point is to gradually gather materials to build up a station from which you can produce materials to build other structures.

Built In Commands

For players who just want to be creative, the game has many commands built in that can grant the player a plethora of creative abilities including setting hotswitching, infinite materials, and NPC management.

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