2D Terrain Generator

A simple, easy to understand, highly customizable, open source command line terrain generator.

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Terrain generation in video games and modeling programs is often extremely complex and in-depth. However, you don't need giant complicated algorithms to generate visually appealing terrain. 2D Terrain Generator is a simple, highly customizable demostration of this. Without ever having to leave the command line, you can change any number of configuration values to create unique, procedurally generated terrains.

Fully Open Source

2D Terrain Generation is completely open source and licensed under the GPLv3, which means you're free to inspect how it works, and modify the code to fit your needs!


Since 2D Terrain Generation runs completely in the command line, there's no need for expensive, high end computer components. Any moderately powerful computer will have no problem keeping up.


Every configuration value that 2D Terrain Generator uses to generate terrain is neatly organized at the top of the program, making it easy to customize terrain generation to your exact needs.


2D Terrain Generator is completely offline and has zero dependence on the internet, making it easy to run anywhere!

Well Commented

The 2D Terrain Generation source code is well commented and documented, making it extremely easy to modify the code to fit your needs!


Since this program is written in Python, all of the downloads below are identical. They are only seperated by platform for sake of clarity, and to demonstrate which platforms are compatible.


Windows2D Terrain Generator 1.0

2D Terrain Generator 1.0 Source Code

MacOS2D Terrain Generator 1.0

Linux2D Terrain Generator 1.0

Android2D Terrain Generator 1.0