SGen Desktop

A password generator that runs locally on your device.

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SGen Desktop main interface screenshot


Screenshot of SGen Desktop with generated output


Screenshot of SGen Desktop with generated output


Screenshot of SGen Desktop main interface and preferences interface side by side


Screenshot of SGen Desktop main interface and preferences interface side by side


SGen Desktop is the offline desktop version of SGen Pro. It runs entirely disconnected from the internet, and relies entirely on your Mac's built in processing power. This has it's pros and cons. Some of the pros are that it's cheaper, since you aren't paying for processor power from V0LT. It is also dependent on your machine, so upgrading your machine will have a direct impact on its performance. A third benefit is that you don't have to rely on the internet to generate passwords. Everything can be done entirely offline! The final pro to SGen Desktop over SGen Pro is that there's no restrictions to how long your passwords can be, and how many you can generate. With SGen Pro, processing power has to be fairly divided among all users. With SGen Desktop on the other hand, you're free to use all the power available, which means theres no limit to what you can do.

Even though SGen Desktop may work very well for most people, there are a couple downfalls that may mean it isn't ideal for everyone. For staters, all the computing is done locally, which means for people using low powered devices, you may encounter slow downs when generating large strings. Second, is the added strain on your device. While this is insignificant to most users, if you plan to use SGen Desktop heavily while on the go, keep in mind that you'll burn through battery significantly faster using SGen Desktop than you will using SGen Pro.
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Full Character Support

SGen Desktop allows you to customize which character types you'd like to have in your generated passwords! You can choose any combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters, so the generated passwords fit exactly what you need.


SGen Desktop runs entirely locally on your device, which means it can take advantage of all the available processing power you have.

No Limits

SGen Desktop is not restricted in neither length, nor amount of passwords that can be generated at once. However, there is a "Safe Mode" that will restrict it to 100,000 characters in order to avoid crashing, but this can be turned on and off as you desire.


SGen Desktop has no reliance on the internet at all, so it'll work anywhere you go!


SGen Desktop completely free to use! There are no restrictions, and you have full access to all available features at no charge!

No Ads

SGen Desktop contains no ads, microtransactions, data tracking, or anything else to get in your way!

Customizable Characters

SGen Desktop allows you to use custom "base character" sets, so you can customize exactly what specific characters you'd like to use. You can even choose to use emojis if you want!



MacOSSGen Desktop 1.1