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Here you can learn how you can fuel V0LT through donations!

If everyone who used V0LT programs, services, and content all donated $0.10, V0LT could cover all expenses, as well as invest in new technology to produce even more freedom respecting digital products!

Support Projects V0LT Depends On

If you don't want to financially support V0LT, you can still help by supporting the projects that V0LT depends on and uses frequently!

  1. Wikimedia: Wikimedia is the foundation behind Wikipedia, and several other wiki services. I frequently reference Wikipedia to learn about topics related to projects I work on.
  2. Pop!_OS: Pop!_OS Linux is my operating system of choice, and it's what powers the computers I use to produce V0LT content. Without Pop!_OS, V0LT content wouldn't be possible!
  3. Glimpse: Glimpse is the photo editor I use to create program screenshots, program icons, and other visual elements on the V0LT website. It's heavily based on the GIMP project, and Glimpse often contributes to GIMP with excess donations.
  4. LibreOffice: LibreOffice is the office suite I use. LibreOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, and Math all greatly help me with producing V0LT content.
  5. Vim: Vim is the plain text editor I use to write the V0LT website, as well as the source code for many V0LT programs.
  6. Matrix: Matrix is the system I use to communicate with people, and run the V0LT group chat.

Support V0LT

I develop all of my programs as free, open source, without ads, and without data tracking, which means I earn absolutely nothing from them in terms of money. I also don't charge open source projects when I help build websites, programs, and promotional materials for them. The only time I make money is when someone makes a donation. These donations help me invest more time into V0LT content, and help me afford new tools to produce it.

If you're willing to support V0LT, and want a quick and easy way to send a recurring donation, check out the V0LT LiberaPay page!

If you prefer use cryptocurrency, you can use various different cryptocurrencies as well!

  • BTC - 1MBq91cC4w1xKP1iGXJ55KeX8JhimR5ukC
  • BCH - qq7xe4n5uy3e2xnamvaf8kqhxt6pn66phvjt5tfwfx
  • XMR - 86Fbcp5gsTd732KreHJH1kDCQxE6GeC4G83o44fAAKdrPbpTVx2LxveXsYpsCYXA1chxWWv5QWdnzZa2mYqcCyM2DuoXhqa
  • DOGE - DJxpLWQrn3daGCPNwvei7cwCUbWHKZPkNH
  • LTC - LdyDukEb9fukidF5APDkLtXqyJFW3AziBw
  • ETH or DAI - 0x42EA0a6FeD176Cc5bA987450C2E8C8eB41772f5B
  • ZEC - t1cJYp2oaHDfJ8DWb5GDbmiZb6xfBPtrU3x
  • BCH - qq7xe4n5uy3e2xnamvaf8kqhxt6pn66phvjt5tfwfx
  • ETC - 0x5DdF9A60fE51B963CEB2eFA019c29B0CF2820C2f

If you just want to send a one time donation, you can send any amount using PayPal.

Other Ways To Help

While financial support is greatly appreciated, there is absolutely no obligation to do so. If you still want to help, but can't afford to support with a donation, there are still plenty of other things you can do to help support V0LT!

  1. Search V0LT webpages and apps for spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Find and report bugs, glitches, and security issues in V0LT software.
  3. Follow and promote V0LT social media accounts on Pixelfed and Mastodon.
  4. Join the V0LT Matrix chatroom.
  5. Suggest and request programs, games, pictures, and songs.

Costs Associated With V0LT

Even though I'm the only person developing and creating V0LT content, it's still far from free to run it. This is a list of costs associated with V0LT. All the amounts are estimated, and shouldn't be taken as exact values. This is just to give a rough idea of how much V0LT costs to maintain.

Recurring Costs (Total: $23.14/year)

Item Cost - Total: $23.14/year ($115 over 5 years)
Domain Name $23.14/year

One Time Costs

Item Cost - Total: $8131
Old main computer $4000
Server (repaired used MacBook) $40
Keyboard $200
Display $800
Mouse $120
Workspace $200
Backup Workstation Power Supply $250
Apple Developer Membership (canceled) $200
Apple Pro Tools $300
New main computer $2000
Monetary donations to other open source projects $26


Source Amount - Total: $229
Itch.io Donations $9
Basic Attention Token Donations $200
LiberaPay Donations $0
PayPal Donations $0
Cash Donations $20
Patreon Donations $0