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CVOSP Genesis

A miniature OS that can run side by side with your current one!







Have you ever wanted an operating system that can be run within your current one? Well, probably not, but now that you've been given the idea, it sounds pretty cool, right? CVOSP Genesis is a miniature operating system of sorts that can be run within your current OS, without having to use VirtualBox, Parallels, or any other virtualization software. It comes with a few built in applications, though not truly enough to be fully usable as on operating system. If this project gains attention again in the future, I may go back and try to finish it. For now though, it's still entirely functional, just with limited usage.

CVOSP in itself is a continuation of the CVOS family. One of the first large programs I ever wrote was CVOS1 "Cyclone", which was a basic command line operating system that ran within your normal OS. From there, I developed 4 more basic command line operating systems:

  1. CVOS1 Cyclone (CVOS1)
  2. CVOS1 Expedition (CVOS2)
  3. CVOS1 Orb (CVOS3)
  4. CVOS1 Sunrise (CVOS4)
  5. CVOS1 Sunset (CVOS5)

CVOS1 Sunset was the last of the CVOS operating systems before I created CVOSP Genesis. CVOSP Genesis was an attempt at finally making a graphical variation of CVOS. It was mostly successful, and came out looking really nice. Unfortunately however, due to limitations in the Unity game engine, its functionality was severely limited, and the possibilities were limited. In the future, I plan to develop a graphical CVOS variant that uses Swift and Cocoa instead, due to its much more fluid interface, and more diverse code base.


All functions and options in CVOSP Genesis are very simple and organized, making it easy to get up and running.

Amazing Backgrounds

Each page, app, and menu has a beautiful royalty free background.

Preinstalled Applications

CVOSP Genesis comes with some essential programs pre installed.


CVOSP Genesis is free to use, and doesn't have any advertisements or micro-transactions.

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