This is the V0LT Analytics Engine.

V0LT Analytics are designed first and foremost with privacy in mind. If you're interested into how the system works, you can learn about it here!

The main concept behind V0LT Analytics is to get useful metrics on page usage, without being able to trace back a specific action to any specific user. Every time a page on the V0LT website is loaded, the following metrics are collected.

  1. The time and date the page was loaded.
  2. The generic browser name that the page was loaded on. Examples:
  3. The generic platform name that the page was loaded on. Examples:

This system is designed so that any specific user's activity can't be tracked, but can still be recorded for gauging overall user interest in different V0LT projects.

V0LT also never uses activity tracking. The only logging ever done, is when a page loads. Nothing you do on that page is logged in any way. This includes keystrokes, mouse location, or any other metrics. Even if you click a link, all V0LT can see is that you loaded the linked page, not where you came from.